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Bounce house

Your kids will have fun staying active in the bounce house.

Obstacle Race

Participate in our obstacle race between 12:00 and 3:30. The finalists will race again at 4:00 to determine the winner of the Fitbit Flex.*


These prizes will be given away.

  • Fitbit Flex *
  • Free training certificates
  • Free group fitness certificates
  • Athletic-inspired T-shirts
  • Motivational wristbands
  • Stickers


Watch a demo of these workouts.

  • Crossfit 12:30 and 5:30 
  • Core strength 
    1:30 and 4:30


Come participate in a 15 minute trainer-led workout, starting at the top of every hour from 12:00 - 5:00.

Grand Opening Event details

Food and drinks

These vendors will sample their tasty delights during the event.

  • Nékter Juice Bar
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Salad and Go
  • My Fit Foods
  • Red Bull

Best. Day. Ever.

Here's how your day could go:

10:00 Win a door prize for being one of the first to arrive.

10:30 Tour the facility and meet our team.

11:00 Share our joy at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

11:30 Take the kids to the bounce house.

12:00 Burn some calories in a 15 minute workout.

12:30 Try some of the food and drinks available.

  1:30 Watch a core strength training demonstration.

  2:00 Chat with a nutritionist.

  2:30 Try the obstacle race.

  3:00 Vote for your favorite flavor of juice.

  3:00 Learn about fitness supplements.

  4:00 Compete in the obstacle race as a finalist.

  4:30 Wind down with a free chair massage.

  5:00 Talk with a trainer about your fitness goals.

  5:30 Watch a Crossfit demonstration.

  6:00 Go home happy you did some good for your health.

Ribbon cutting

Watch the ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:00 as the Town of Gilbert Chamber of Commerce welcomes The Garage Personal Training into the local community.


Get tips from a nutritionist. Also, find out how to qualify for free monthly nutrition classes.


Get info about fitness supplements from these companies.

  • Nutrishop
  • Advocare
  • Genesis Pure

* One Fitbit Flex will be awarded to the person that completes the obstacle race with the fastest time. Anyone that attends this event is eligible to participate in the drawing for the other Fitbit Flex.


Get ultra relaxed with a free chair massage.

  • Willow Massage