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Personal Training

Many people ask why we are called "The Garage"?

Here's the best way we can describe it:

In your garage you likely have a variety of things - from cans of paint to power tools, from your car to your grandmother's antique bench, memorabilia that's valuable... or maybe just valuable to you. You may use your garage to create, to build, to repair, or to store. It's a place to share good memories, like helping dad work on the car, or watching a game with your friends.


Here at The Garage Personal Training, we're also about creating a sense of community - like going to your neighbors garage to workout. We have a spacious facility, but you'll never get that "big gym" treatment. We treat you like you're our neighbor, we just happen to be the neighbors with the tricked-out garage. We have a variety of tools and resources that we use to create things, like fun events; build things, like relationships and muscles; repair things, like knees and confidence; and store things, like good memories. Find your place here at The Garage.